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(no subject)

May. 28th, 2011 | 03:08 pm

I know no one would ever read this whis is why I'm writing it in my lj. Facebook it's like obviously not the right place to say stuff like this and no one pays attention in Tumblr either, but I have a friend over there and idk...I just don't want her to know bout my problems. It's not like I have the most complicated life in the world. I know people that have it harder. I'm thankful for my blessings, for being able to live everyday and to be healthy. Life it's hard for everybody, some have it harder than the others... I know that. But it depends on the person too. My life was Ok, a little bit of family drama now and then, fights and bla bla bla. My mom had kicked my dad out of the house for 3 times, but he always came back for some reason. I tried to act normal and never really ask bout it even if it was breaking me inside. When I was in 10th grade, one day my dad just old me he'd go later that day to pick some of his things. I was so fucking confused so I went home and started crying all by myself. It's been more than a year from that and my mom and dad don't speak to eachother anymore. I don't know what to day or do to make them both feel good. If I do something that has to do with my dad, my mom gets mad and complaints bout EVERYTHING. It sucks to live like this. Living in the middle of a broken home. I remember one day my mom said to me and my sister they're goin to divorce. They haven't yet and the only excuse is that is too expensive and blah blah blah. I don't care bout stuff like that. I just care bout having a good relationship with both of them. They should solve their issues and not involve us at all. The fighting, complainting and bitterness has becomed constant in my life. I don't feel happy. I don't feel like I live in a family anymore. This is only a home. I kinda have the feeling that things aren't going to be any better with them. I don't want this to be like this forever. I got tired of writing bout this, actually. I'm gonna end here before I start crying.

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Music from my place

Aug. 19th, 2010 | 06:08 pm
mood: energeticenergetic

Hi, Hello, Hola!!!
I want to recomend you this band from Costa Rica. They're called GHANDI and the song is called ARIGATO NO! It's really cool. I know you won't understand the lyrics but the beat is nice. Enjoy! And give me some feedback...


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I don't know what to put here =S

Aug. 6th, 2010 | 07:39 pm

Woooh! My first LJ post! I'm excited! =D....Ok, now I sound like a freak.
Since is my first post i'd like to put some cool facts about me and just random stuff.

-I love Taylor York a lot!!!! He's cute and he's cool. I used to love his afro and I want his beanie.
-I love Twilight, and I have a blog about it! http://twilight-cr.blogspot.com (i'ts in spanish though!)
-My favorite animal???? Monkeys! Well, not the real ones...I was at the beach on my past bday and two of them atacked me LOL. But since I was little I love the cartoon and stuffed ones.
-I love purple... it's undescriptable, it's mysterious and fun at the same time.
-Besides paramore, I also listen to Taylor Swift, Muse, Coldplay and Simple Plan
-Misery Business it's my favorite song (i love the beat, the lyric and the video)
-I haven't had the best day of my life yet...I think Paramore could make the best day of my life T.T
-Oh i totally forgot this>>>> My birthday is the same day as Jeremy Davis (FEB 8TH!)
-I'm claustrophobic, afraid of hights, animals and I don't like to be the center of attention. My hands sweat when I'm nervous.
-I absolutely love reading
-I don't like to wear skirts or dresses, unless it's like a really special ocation.
-My mp4 is filled with almost 95% Paramore (ok, I can't stop talking bout them)
-I live in the happiest country on earth! Yeah...COSTA RICA!
-I love eating cookies, ice cream and cake
-My friends think I'm weird, they say i'm kinda nerd...I don't know...I consider myself a normal girl, well...normal for  me!
-I don't like anything that has to do with dancing
-I think parties are boring (ok, I admit i'm kinda weird)
-I don't like people who think they're the last coke at the desert and are super hipocrit
-I'm adicted to facebook, paramore, twilight and magazines
-I collect pins, those little things that hang from my keys (i forgot the name =O) , magazines and anything that has to do with twilight
-I can't stand reggaeton, hip hop, rap, salsa, merengue, spanish music, electronic, house, reggae...I just love alternative rock , pop or rock
-I don't like my hair
-I hate Miley Cyrus, Marilyn Manson, The Jonas Brothers and people who think hating twilight or paramore is cool huh?
-I haven't got my 1st kiss yet
-I love God =D
-I love Honduras a lot and I really miss my family who lives there =(
-My grandfather and my name are chinesse, my dad's from Honduras and I was born in Costa Rica
-I think paramore is the coolest thing in the world
-My favorite album is ... hmmm i can't decide! BNE, AWKIF, RIOT!

Well, this is a part of me i wanted to share with you!!! Thanks for reading !!!

Oh, and always remember paramore loves you!


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